Who is Jesus to me

I have always known about Jesus, I have known what he said, what he did and where he went.


When I was growing up I went to Sunday School at my Church and I was told all the stories of Jesus, how he healed people, fed 5000 people, walked on water ect. Jesus was this great guy who did miracles all the time. I also knew that Jesus died and I was reminded of this every time I walked into Church and there was a large cross to remind me of this.


I knew it all (so I thought) and then I went on my gap year to India. Here I was with my team a group of people who talked about Jesus in a way that suggested they knew him, they spoke of Jesus with conviction and this challenged me. My understanding of Jesus was a historical figure, but for them he was a living breathing human being who lived a life 2000 years ago but was even now still alive. They loved this Jesus and this is what motivated them to love the people we were serving. This was such a challenge.


After my gap year my understanding of Jesus changed dramatically, he was no longer in the grave but alive and living in me. In the Bible in many of Paul's letters Paul says "In Christ" or "In him", these passages became alive to me. Jesus was no longer just a miracle worker, or a good teacher, he became my Saviour.


A few years after my Gap year I was in a Bible study and we were doing a study of Romans, and we were talking about grace and who will be saved. My understanding of grace at the time was very loose and I did not fully understand it (not that anyone does or can) but I was stuck very much in a works gospel. A friend of mine challenged me and asked the group, 'how are we saved?' Most replied with by grace, whilst I knew this to be true I did not fully understand why and how this could be true.


A few years later I was attending Bible College and we were looking at the Book of Luke, in this particular lecture we were looking at Luke 15:11-31 the parable of the Lost Son (Prodigal son). As we all know the Son asks for his money he will be due when his Father dies, and then takes this money and runs away. Then realising his mistake decides to go back to the Father and ask to be a slave just so he can live and no longer have to work with the pigs. When he is walking back to his Fathers house his Father is looking and waiting for him to come back, and the Father sees him and begins to run out to welcome him home.


Now in this story we have a Father and a Son, and from what I understand the Father represents God and we are the Son coming home. What I get and learn from this story is that as a turn or repent and say to God I am sorry for the things I have done that do not honour you or bring glory to you. Then God turns to me and runs. However in just the act of asking for forgiveness my sins are not taken away, something more must happen, this something more happened 2000 years ago when Jesus took my sin and made a way for me to come back to the Father, and for me this is the most powerful message of Jesus, the cross which I knew of as a child and knew was the symbol of those who follow Jesus became for me the only way to be reconciled with God.



So now for me Jesus is everything, he is the way back to God, he is the example in my life I want to follow and he brings me the hope I need to sustain me in my everyday life. Jesus has taken centre stage and I still know there is more to find out about him, but I am excited for the journey to continue.